KICKTAIL CLUB SODA – is a crystal-clear soda water super-charged with micro-bubbles that provide crisp, thirst-quenching refreshment. This sparkling water is infused with energy you can’t taste, but certainly feel.

This just tastes like great club soda. I can’t believe it has energy in it!

- Greg D., Marina Del Rey, CA

KICKTAIL GINGER BEER – has a giant ginger flavor that sparks a nice spicy kick that tickles, then warms the throat. Our blend is not too sweet with hints of citrus and plenty of real ginger that make this ginger beer a true show stopper.

I love my ginger beer spicy, and this really hits the mark.”

- Nate E., Ladera Ranch, CA

KICKTAIL TONIC WATER – has a borderline aggressive bitterness that is balanced by subtle and delicate sweetness. Designed to be optimally refreshing with notes of citrus and intense carbonation, this tonic leaves a dry, crisp finish that is unforgettable.

My G&T just got kicked into high gear, and it’s freakin’ delicious!

- Scott P., Dallas, TX

KICKTAIL COLA – is an all-natural cola that has world-class cola flavor. It’s naturally refreshing with the perfect balance of sweetness and bursting bubbles. We’ve added notes of citrus, cinnamon, and vanilla to make this every cola lovers new favorite.

“Finally, I can enjoy my Whiskey Cola with a boost and not have to switch to a lousy vodka energy drink.”

- Brian G, Huntington Beach, CA

KICKTAIL CRANBERRY – is the ideal blend of juicy sweet and tart with no bitter aftertaste. It has a naturally clear vibrant crimson color you can’t ignore. This crisp kickin’ cran packs a little punch of its own.

“Simply the best cran I have ever tried. It’s Delicious just poured on ice!”

- Julie P., Laguna Beach, CA

KICKTAIL LEMON LIME – is the citrus soda lover’s new delight that’s unlike other clear lemon-lime sodas. Our specially crafted lemon lime mixer delivers everything you love about a clear, crisp, carbonated soda, only now it delivers an energy boost that is as flavorless as it is unmistakable.

“Lemon-lime re-designed to rock. I can think of about a hundred cocktails I want to try with this stuff!”

- Chris C., Scottsdale, AZ