KICKTAIL                     ENERGIZED GINGER BEER – Giant ginger flavor that sparks a nice spicy kick that tickles, then warms the throat. Our blend is not too sweet with hints of citrus and plenty of real ginger that make this ginger beer a true mule kicker.

I love my ginger beer spicy, and this really hits the mark.”

- Nate E., Ladera Ranch, CA

KICKTAIL                     ORIGINAL GINGER BEER –       This Ginger Beer is like no other. It has the perfect balance of real ginger that is not too spicy and just the right amount of sweetness while staying low in sugar. Then we enhanced it with natural electrolytes for hydration that will keep you kick'n.

“Hands down the best ginger beer I have ever tasted. It's pure perfection for my mule!”

- Andy E., Cincinnati, OH

KICKTAIL                       ENERGIZED CLUB SODA – Crystal-clear water super-charged with micro-bubbles that provide crisp, thirst-quenching refreshment. This zero calorie sparkling water is infused with natural energy you can’t taste, but certainly feel.

This just tastes like great club soda. I can’t believe it has energy in it!

- Chris C., Scottsdale, AZ

KICKTAIL                         ENERGIZED CRANBERRY –       The ideal blend of juicy sweet and tart with no bitter aftertaste. It has a naturally clear vibrant crimson color you can’t ignore. This crisp kick'n cran packs a little punch of its own.

“Simply the best cran I have ever tried. It’s Delicious just poured on ice!”

- Julie P., Laguna Beach, CA